17 Forward-Thinking American Automobiles

By vukasin
17 Forward-Thinking American Automobiles

For most of the 20th century, the U.S. car industry was at the forefront of innovation and design. American manufacturers introduced many advanced concepts and patents that are standards today. However, in the thousands of models they offered in that period, some are more influential than others.

So here are 20 of the most forward-thinking U.S. cars they ever made. You probably are familiar with most of them; however, not all were a sales success. And most people consider some of these cars failures, even though they are famous nowadays as influential and trailblazing machines that helped grow the industry.

  1. Ford Model T

There are not enough words to describe the importance of the Ford Model T in automotive history and the car culture. This was the car that singlehandedly created the car world in 1908. The Model T was the first truly mass-produced automobile with Ford building over 15 million until 1927. This is the car that motorized the world and created a foundation for the modern car industry with assembly plants in foreign countries and other continents.

Also, the Ford Model T was the first car they produced in numerous versions. In fact, Ford designed it so owners could easily transform it into a truck, agricultural machine or even a military vehicle. The Model T helped the Ford Motor Company become the biggest car manufacturer in the world at one point. And it spawned numerous models that copied the concept.

But to be honest, the Model T wasn’t so revolutionary in terms of design or technology. It wasn’t an advanced car but more of a utilitarian machine than a highly advanced car. But the combination of durability, affordability, and usability changed the world. When Ford debuted the Model T back in 1908, the world was still using horse-drawn carriages. However, by the time they discontinued it in 1927, the automobile age had successfully started.